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We Need to Be Renewed

We need a real change. Like the one Jesus spoke of in John 3.     Jul 20, 2020

Read John 3:1-21

Dear Fellow Christian,

We are in the last times.

These will be perilous times with many dangers.  Many divisions and discord.  Troubles of nations.  Troubles at home.  Troubles in the church.

The world has lost fear and respect of the Creator.  Our loving heavenly Father has called again and again.  The disobedient children turn the back.  We will live our own lives.  "We don't need you!" they cry out.

Religious and arrogant.  We name the Lord in hope of blessing.  His name is on our lips.  Our hearts are far from Him.  We tax the poor and praise the rich.  Wealth is the measure of success.  What will our wealth do for us when we die?  When our bodies return to the dust and we stand before the Mighty One.  Will a dollar pay the entrance fee.  Will you bribe the gatekeeper?  Where is your purse now?  It can not save you.

The liberal says we do not need God.  Away with Him.  Cast Him out of our sight.  We will not have Him rule over us.

The conservative is a disobedient child.  He draws near to the Father with his mouth, but does none his will.  He is proud with his robes of religious righteousness.  He stinks and is rotten. His righteousness is his own and he does not know that he is poor and wretched.

The church is divided and distrusted.  The pastor's count the prize and  without reward lift not a finger.  Who will follow the Saviour?  Who will take up the cross?  They preach heaven and gather the givers to the fold.  The plate is passed.  The prize is counted and locked away in the storehouse.  They follow also the Beast and his mark.  

The judgement will be swift and begin with those who name His name.

There is great hope, but not in this world.

There is great reward, safe on the other side.

Fantasy is to believe this world is all there is.  To believe that all came from nothing. 

If we came from nothing - nothing we are.  If we are created by the Him who loves us and created all things - than we are everything in Him. 

The world is deceptive.  The Matrix.  We have two natures.  The physical and the spiritual.  The physical is temporal and subject to time.  The spiritual is eternal and enduring.  In the flesh we are subject to the things of the flesh and it's desires.  In the flesh we are motivated by desire, want and pride.  We are driven to obtain and lift ourselves above the others.  In the spirit we find rest in Him who gave himself for us.  We are not driven - we rest.  We rest casting our cares upon Him who holds all things.  We draw near to God through the gift of Christ.  This is difficult to do...  To let go.  To trust.  To not try to control.  Yet this is the door that we must pass.  Who will find it.

What Shall We Do?

We need a change.  We need the change that can only happen through Christ.  Religion tells us about God.  In the transformation in Christ, we are cleansed to know God.  He is invisible and visits with us in a gentle voice.  This is the fellowship that Adam and Eve had with God before we sinned and were separated.

The Young

Begin the read the Bible and pray.  The simple message here is "Seek and you will Find".  Do not care what people say.  Stay on your journey and God will honor your faith.  Follow conviction  - God is working in you.  In humility, He will lift you up.  Beware of deceivers.  Wolves in sheep's clothing will hunt for you.  Be watchful and pray always.  God will protect you and not allow you to be tried above your abilities.  This is for your growth and maturity.

The Mature

Secure your foundations.  Prove all things and hold fast to that which is good.  Traditions of man often distract and contradict the Word of God.  Remove all that which is not on the true foundation.  Your 'church' may be you hindrance.  Do not trust in attendance and church doctrine.  Trust in your relationship with the Father and His Word.  This may seem like a hard saying.  It's been 2000 years since Jesus walked the earth and the Bible was completed - traditions have had a long time to be corrupted.

The Teacher

Much of church doctrine are religious traditions.  Much of what you were taught may not  be in the Bible and contrary to it.  Is Christ alone sufficient to save?  Is the Bible alone able to show the way?  We would do well to cast off all the extra weight.  This is your most difficult task.  Your traditions have deep roots and painful to remove.  Teach the Bible and be valiant to resist traditions that are contrary too it.  The devil is a deceiver and through subtileness he used the Word of God to trick Eve.  The devil used the Word of God to try to cause Christ to fault.  How many of his deception's are your repeating in the teaching of others.  Beware and take care of your own soul and of those you instruct.

The Pastor

If not even a penny was not received for your efforts in the ministry - would you still do it?  If you were beaten for the name of Christ - would you continue?  With nails in your hands and feet and lifted on the cross - would you still praise the Father?  Are you the servant of others and in humility lift the name of the Saviour?  This is your calling and this is your great reward!

The attendance of 'your' church is nothing.  The lost sheep returned to the Good Shepherd is everything and the angles rejoice.  Do you know the difference?

Most pastors are taught the 'business' of church.  How to speak.  How to lead.  How to manage the finances.  Better is one man of conviction and heart in heaven - than one thousand trained in the business of 'church'.  Better is the one who leads one person to Christ - than the one who speaks to ten thousand of 'their' ministry.

You would do well to forget to count.  Don't count attendance.  Don't count money.  Better is one repented heart then one hundred in attendance.  Greater is your reward in heaven if not one dollar was collected.

What more shall I say?  If your heart is right, through humility you will serve the Father and do His will.  If your heart is not right - then you will be as the blind leading the blind.  Great is the reward of him who leads another to salvation.  Great will be the punishment of the deceiver and those who feed off the flock.

To All

Seek the Lord.  Seek the things of heaven.

Do not be desirous of worldly possessions. Do not be a slave to debt.

Read the Bible (start in the New Testament).

Pray always.

Resist religion - which is man's view of God.  It's traditions, rituals, doctrines and organizations are a substitute for a relationship with the Creator.  Religions divide and bring into bondage.  We have liberty in Christ Jesus.

May the God of peace bless you.  Stay the course.  Finish the Journey.

How-To-Live Under the Mark of the Beast

Let's look at who the Beast is and how to live in such a nation.     May 20, 2020

Many have been influenced to believe that the Mark of the Beast (aka 666) will arrive with the rise of the 'Anti-Christ'.  This villain of dark will subtly appear to bring peace and then BLAM! the trap snaps shut.

~ Ha! ~

First of all the Bible does not teach of 'one' anti-christ that will come to rule. 

Second, the Mark of the Beast is already here.

In the know.  For those who take the bible to heart, know that God has given us instruction on how to live in this world.  Knowing that our hope in not in what we see but in that which is not seen.  In Biblical books like Daniel and Revelations we find that ruling kingdoms (nations) were told of before they rose to power.  Symbolism of images and animal like creatures each with unique characteristics was used to give the clues.  These seemingly weird creatures (beasts) represent notable nations of world-leading authority.

We, here in the year 2020, watch daily news reports that include the second beast (nation) of Revelations (chapter 13).

Note: This second beast of the end times, is the last to be spoken of.  After it's rise to power, the things to follow are; (1) global troubles (wars, disease, hunger, general unrest of nations), (2) persecution of organized religion(3) the return of the Lord.  We are truly living in the end times.  Don't be fearful - trust in the eternal Word and hope of life eternal.

The second beast (nation) of Revelations 13 (read the whole chapter) and clearly the leading country of world is...

*   The United States of America    *

Some will be surprised, but be assured, it is America that fits the characteristics of the second beast.  Please write in (connect form) if you want more details.

The growth of the young government of the US was funded by bonds.  This is a system that was used in Europe.  The US took this to a new level and used stock and bonds to also fund the new businesses and industry in the new land.  This caused explosive growth and in a remarkable short time America became the world leading nation.

The stock market (Wall Street) became the leading financial operations for investments and money markets in the world.

This money-first system is the mark of the beast.  The bottom line.  Financial status.  People grouped by wealth. Kill the competition and destroy business rivals are it's traits.  Remember... "The love of money is the root of all evil.  Money in itself is not evil - rather the love of it.  Greed and want are a disease and has drowned many a person.

Lay up your treasures in heaven and not here on earth.
(paraphrase from Matthew 6)

The system in this country and the world in general, uses money to purchase everything.  Money is not bad, but we need to put it in it's proper place.  Consider Daniel living in Babylon.  He has access to all it's wealth and pleasures, but keep himself content to live according the that which is pleasing before God.

The whole commercialized system programs people to obtain more.  Purchase more.  Have more than your neighbor.  With money as the prize of the game, people go crazy to obtain it.  Children have killed parents for inheritance.  Spouses murder for insurance. Thieves kill for almost nothing.  Scams rob people.  Fraud and greed is found from Main Street to Wall Street.  The perpetrators dress in hoodies and fine suites.  Food companies sell junk that makes others sick.  Factories pour out pollution sickening the earth.  Lawsuits for causing harm or death are a calculated risk.  All for the buck.  Love for people is on a much lower scale then love for money.  This is the mark of the beast.

What shall we do?  Be content with what you have.  What out for the needs of your neighbor.  Money is not bad.  It can buy food, housing, education.  These are not bad.

And as ye would that men should do to you, do ye also to them likewise.
(Luke 6:4)

Use Daniel as an example.  Blessed by God with wisdom and wealth who lived holy in a corrupt nation.  He studies the scriptures and prayed daily.  This was done from the heart and not by routine or ritual.  He honored the Lord in all things.  Yes, he also suffered.  You know the story of 'Daniel in the Lions Den'.  And you know how he was delivered.

Be thankful for the country where you live and pray for it.  Pray for it's leaders.  You can love your country, but remember your real home is in heaven.  Out time here in temporal.  We are citizens of the holy city of God Almighty.  Again be thankful for where you live, and support your government - but do not worship it.  God must be first and don't dance to every song.  Live to honor the Lord and do that which is pleasing before Him.

Obtain and use your money wisely.  Don't be greedy.  Love people more than wealth.  If you suffer for a good thing, rejoice for you will have reward in heaven.  Be humble and pray.  Look to the needs of others.  Do not invest in evil.  Do not borrow.  If others do you wrong - pray for them and don't seek revenge.  If you are a child of God, He will provide for you needs and reward them of evil accordingly.  Above all; watch and pray, and be thankful.




Titles to watch for...May 4, 2020
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